Janet Steward Consulting

There’s an age old problem we face as leaders: How do you get your team to buy into your vision of how you would like to see your practice? Countless resources are spent creating systems, policies and procedures and it seems like, at the end of the day, the pull of the status quo is stronger and everything reverts to where it was when you started.

There is one constant in your practice and that’s you. Imagine if you were able to create a culture of openness, cohesiveness and cooperation within your practice. If you were able to be a leader with integrity that your people love to follow, can you just imagine how that translates into team commitment, loyal patients who return and refer and ultimately greater profitability?

By focusing on you and your team first, you will be able to have a practice that is truly out of the ordinary. A practice where your vision becomes “true north” and everything you do points in that direction. A practice where increased profitability is sustainable. A practice where you look forward to coming to work each day.

“Janet is worth her weight in GOLD! Any client will be tremendously satisfied and so thankful to have chosen Janet to work with them.”
-Cathy Ashton, DDS
Ontario, Canada

sequence of success

“We grow healthcare practices through leadership, team motivation, patient loyalty, ultimately resulting in greater profitability.”

who I am

Hi! My name is Janet and I own a company called Janet Steward Consulting. I work primarily with dental, medical and veterinary practices who want to grow their business. The people that I work with want to create an above and beyond experience both for their patients and their team and we help them get there.



We teach our clients what they need to know in order to grow their business


We identify and develop certain skills that are critical to practice success bother from an operational and performance standpoint


We evaluate how the practice communicates with one another and with their patients and their families



We help our clients to develop a compelling vision that resonates with their team and has everyone fired up and looking forward to coming to work each day


We make sure everyone is going in the right direction with a specific blueprint for their roles and responsibilities


It’s all about execution and performing at our best every day with the right set of marching orders


Once we’re on track and focused, we set up a system of accountability so that we stay on track and don’t go off on tangents



You’ll be more focused on a daily basis


Your team will be more committed to you, to the vision and to their patients


You’ll experience more loyalty from your patients who will return and refer

Greater Profitability

As a result, you’ll experience greater profitability that will put
more money in your own pocket and enable you to reward your team members and create a plan for consistent and predictable results.